Fruitland RCF370LUFH

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Weight: 385.00lb
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Fruitland’s 370 series pump (272cfm) is a shorter version of the 500 series.  The 370LUF designates left hand rotation, upper diverter valve with a filter box.  The 370 series pumps also use less oil than any other rotary vane pump in the industry.  Applications include those of the 500 series but the 370 utilizes less space.



Approximate Air Flow 259 CFM @ 18"HG

Maximum Vacuum 28.5” Hg

Power Required @ 27”Hg 19 BHP

Pressures to 35 PSI

Power required @ Max. Pressure 36 BHP

Size of Hoses 3

Operating Speed 1400 RPM

Lubrication (Oil Pump) Automatic

Vanes 8 (Fibre)

Fan cooling continuous duty Yes

Approx. net Pump weight 385 LBS


RCF370 Exploded View


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