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Weight: 450.00lb
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HXL400WV LIQUID COOLED 400CFM VACUUM/PRESSURE PUMP (25"MAX. CONT. VACUUM) (27"MAX. INT. VACUUM) CW/CCW, Masport Solid 6 Vane Rotor Design Higher Airflow Efficiency.• Higher Dead Head Vacuum.• Less Vane Wear.• Less Cylinder Wear.• Less Noise.• Less Vibration.• Liquid Cooled Design Prevents Winter Freeze-ups.• Allows Pump to Operate @ 25”Hg • Continuously. Reliable Operation Under Extreme Hot or • Cold Weather Conditions. Mechanical Oil Pump Automatic Oiling.• No Adjustment Required.• Delivers Right Amount of Oil at All Working • Levels. End Thrust Protection Prevents Rotor-to-Endcover Contact • Created by Direct P.T.O. Drive or Misaligned Belt Driven Systems. Masport Quality & Performance Achieve Minimum 27” Hg (Intermittent).• Bolt on Half Shafts.• Precise Machining and Assembly.• Heavy Duty Bearings.• Viton Oil Seals for Longer Service Life.• Kevlar Vanes are Heat Stablilized and • Machined with Exacting Tolerances for Superior Ruggedness and Durability. Easy to Service.• Superior Pump Life.• Double End Shaft Accomodates Clockwise or Counter-• Clockwise Drive Systems. Integral Valve Allows Pump to Operate in Vacuum • and Pressure Mode. Performance Warranty One Year Warranty.• HXL400WV Spec's

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