NVE Challenger 887

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532cfm NVE887 PRO Challenger Series Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump - Fan & Ballast Cooled



• Proven crash protection allowing all major components to survive a

catastrophic failure

• Four point automatic lubrication system

• Multiple drive options (gearbox and hydraulic)

• Integral, easily accessible, final filter

• Vane flush port with valve

• Vane wear inspection port on housing

• Enhanced axial load capabilities

• Lifetime warranty against cracked housing

• Two year warranty against manufacturer defect

• Vacuum-controlled ballast air cooling system

• Attached ballast silencing system

• Enhanced exhaust check for minimal free air obstruction

• Designed, built, and supported in the USA

*The maximum allowable operating vacuum will vary depending on R.P.M., ambient temperature, altitude and time running. The basic principle to keep in

mind is - faster R.P.M., higher air temperature and longer run time all equal more heat in pump. When installing a NVE 887 pump we recommend a normal

R.P.M. of 1100. Other speeds are ok as long as exhaust gas temperatures read on the supplied thermometer do not exceed 380 degrees F.


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