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Cab and Chassis
2023 Freightliner 114SD
Allison 4000 RDS Automatic transmission
Engine - Detroit DD13 450 HP
Base Machine
Model AJV1215 -12 cubic yards/1,500 gallon water
Roots Vac. Pump 8x24 - 4000 CFM @ 18” HG
Debris Tank - Carbon Steel
Float level indicator
C/S splash shield
4” offload pump
6" decant drain
Internal tank flusher
High Pressure Water System
87 G.P.M. / 2000 PSI pump - General MWSR50
Hydro-excavation water pump with hose reel
Hydrostatic water pump drive
Handgun with 50' hose mounted on self-winding reel 800 PSI@ 20 GPM
Air purge system
Cold weather recirculation
Ball valve drain- High-pressure side of water pumps

(2) boom work lights
Strobe lights
Rear mounted directional arrow light
Operator Controls
Air shift PTO controls in cab
Boom, body and tailgate hydraulics
Operator panel light, electronic throttle
Debris tank high level light & horn
Hydraulic temperature and level sight
Low water light and horn combination
Tach gauge, hour meter Vac gauge,
Water pressure gauge— Hydraulic pressure gauge
Hose Reel Front mounted / Hyd. Tilt/ Direct drive 600’ of 1” high pressure hose
Digital footage counter on control panel
Load Boom
Front mounted,180 degree rotation
8’6” boom extension (24’ 11” reach from centerline)
Extra heavy duty steel elbow

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